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Color coated plate, also known as color steel plate, color plate. Color coated steel sheet is a kind of product which is made of cold rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet as substrate, after surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), continuous coating (roll coating), baking and cooling. Coated steel plate has light weight, beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance and can be processed directly. It provides a new type of raw material for construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing industry, home appliance industry, electrical industry and so on. It plays a good role in replacing wood with steel, efficient construction, energy saving, pollution prevention and so on.


On the continuous line, the cold rolled strip and galvanized strip (electro galvanizing and hot galvanizing) are used as the base plate. After surface pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatment), one or more layers of liquid coating are coated by roller coating. The plate obtained by baking and cooling is the coated steel plate.

There are back (primer) and face (front) coatings in China. Generally, there is one back coat and two top coats in China, while there are two top coats in foreign businesses. Because the coating can have a variety of different colors, it is customary to call the coated steel plate color coated steel plate.


The color sheet produced by cold-rolled substrate has smooth and beautiful appearance, and has the processing performance of cold-rolled sheet; However, any small scratch of the surface coating will expose the cold-rolled substrate to the air, resulting in the formation of red rust at the exposed iron. Therefore, this kind of products can only be used for temporary isolation measures and indoor materials with low requirements.


Hot dip galvanized color coated steel sheet




The product obtained by coating organic coating on hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is hot-dip galvanized color coated steel sheet. In addition to the protective effect of zinc, the organic coating on the surface of hot-dip galvanized sheet also plays the role of insulation protection and rust prevention, and its service life is longer than that of hot-dip galvanized sheet. The zinc content of hot-dip galvanized base plate is generally 180g / m2 (both sides), and the maximum zinc content of hot-dip galvanized base plate for building exterior is 275g / m2.


Hot dip aluminum zinc coated plate




According to the requirements, hot-dip aluminum zinc plate can also be used as color coating substrate (55% AI Zn and 5% AI Zn).


Galvanized color coated sheet




The galvanized sheet is used as the base plate, coated with organic coating, and the product is galvanized color coated sheet. Because the zinc layer of galvanized sheet is thin, the zinc content is usually 20 / 20g / m2, so the product is not suitable for outdoor production of walls and roofs. But because of its beautiful appearance and excellent processing performance, it can be mainly used in household appliances, audio, steel furniture, interior decoration, etc.


Application scope of color coated sheet


1. Internal use: internal wall panel, water pipe, fence, shutter, window frame;


2. External use: exterior wall panel, roof panel;


3. Automobile: muffler, door, oil filter;


4. Home appliances: explosion proof belt, oven, vending machine, car audio / refrigerator backplane, rice cooker, electrical components;


5. Others: commercial air conditioner, steel furniture, container, mailbox, sewing machine.


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It uses fluorocarbon color coated steel plate. The color is the national flag yellow, red flag, hot galvanized substrate specially developed for the inspection station, with the galvanized amount of 280 g / m2 and the brand name tdc51d.

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