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[introduction and features]: the Millennium Dome, located on the Greenwich peninsula on the banks of the Thames River in East London, is a landmark building built by the British government to welcome the 21st century.


 In 1997, the British Labor government took office and decided to build a large-scale comprehensive exhibition building with an area of 73 hectares and a total cost of US $1.25 billion.


It includes a series of exhibition and performance venues, as well as shopping malls, restaurants, bars, etc., which was opened on December 31, 1999. The bending diameter is 320m, and the circumference is more than 1000m. There are 12 masts with a height of 100m passing through the roof. The roof adopts a spherical tension membrane structure.


The membrane surface is supported on 72 radial cables with a section of 2 ×φ These cables are supported by the mast through the cable-stayed sling and tether with a spacing of 25m, and the sling and tether can stabilize the mast at the same time.


In addition, a four circle cable frame is arranged to connect the steel cables into a net. The mast is shuttle shaped, which is welded by longitudinal round steel pipe and transverse square steel to form a lattice structure. The mast is set along the circumference with a diameter of 200m and supported on a four corner conical base composed of four masts. Some thin cables are drawn out from the base 10 m high, which may hinder the exhibition.


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